In the beginning

for Linnea,

Suddenly a flash
across the sky

a bang! – a scent
the scent of

then rain

another bang –

setting off all the car alarms
in my heart.

In the beginning you came to me
like a flash
of lightning

that makes everything visible
for a brief moment
and stays in the eye longer.

in the beginning
you came to me

in a flash,
in a bang
in the sizzle

of summer
and I stood

mouth open
and sang.

In the beginning
we wrote our initials
in the sky

and would dream on the backs of kites
finding each other’s faces
in the shapes of clouds.

Then we exchanged our names
and carved them into wood.
Now you come to me

closer to earth,
more arboreal
than aerial,

in soil wet to the touch
and bittersweet to the tongue,
you come to me speaking of life.

Out from the earth –
a thousand green arrows
leaping from the loam-

exuberant flowers
exploding across a field

to applause.

We have become more of earth than sky,


unmovable –
Together we are like one tree

connecting both worlds,
a crackling current,
a live wire,

a green fire.
We are alternating currents
of green and gold.

the gold
of lost cities
of leaves.

Now we are each
a falling leaf
of one tree,

Our prayers of gratitude
are reborn blue-green
of earth and sky.

Each day we are born.
Each day we die.
Each day we are born.

Our hymn
leaf, leaf, leaf, leaf.


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