I Love You Most On Mondays

for Linnea

How I love you,
love you and your 47 shades,
like all the different words for love.

How I love you tangled in the lengthening day,
or raging with life into the void or with your head
hidden under the covers because there is too much night to bear.

I love you and how with heart in hand you dance in circles
just to make the moon laugh, or to make me smile.
And I love you most on Mondays,

but we both know that’s not true
because I love you more on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
then I ever could on a Monday and what about Thursday

or Friday? And no one can even comprehend how much I love you
on the weekend, where I love you in the tangle of our sheets,
sleeping away the day like we were the richest lovers in the world

with a million days to spend doing nothing but love.
Let’s just say for now that I love
mostly in the quiet space between breaths, that space

where I see you as you and you see me as me and where we start
to spin in circles; mad like dervishes, one hand to heaven and the other
pointing to the earth; our bodies bringing heaven and earth

Or let’s just say that I love you

without effort

in the quiet
of our sleeping

under a full laughing


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