Dominga Corazon

In the mountains they found her
brass lodged in her brow
her bones told of her suffering
The rosary her brother gave her for her wedding
hanging from her white jaw bone
the white crystals beads in place of her teeth
that were felled by the but of a rifle
and Jesus on the cross watching her rape

    Death is easy but the road to dying is long

One single bullet to the head.
The bullet from the riffle of an Army officer
who crushed her face,
who leaves her to bleed,
has two children; —

He comes home from the mountains
bringing gifts

His daughter loves ribbons
his son guns

“and the sins of the fathers shall be passed down unto the
children till the third generation.”

  They sit to dinner and say grace,

  while the family of Dominga Corazon
             cry for their sister as Jesus looks down



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