The Creation

If I were to write
The Creation

The first man
The first woman

Would be born from
The heart of Cuba

Where angels live
among men

Disguised.  Walk
Among us, rolling

Cigars.  Wait for
Trains and drink

Coffee. In Cuba
Man and angels

Would be one family
The one hidden

To the other like two
Sisters caught by the

Camera just before
Laughing — one sister

With wings hidden
Under her dress.

See the shoeshine,
He is an Archangel,

His sword hidden in
A box.  In Cuba

It would all begin.
From the Cane fields

Adam would rise.
Sweet and coarse

And Eve, emerge from
The beating of a drum

We would all dance

And carry dolls—

and wait for the moment
    of redemption

As if it were a summer
     Storm moving toward

  Us — filled with letters
  From God.



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