Love arrives at my door…

Love arrives at my door
with a knock and a revolver,

“how much do you love me “
she asks, I stutter and she soaks me

in her sweat. I feel rejuvenated
and Love pushes me down

and buries me under leaves
and flowers and I say “ I love you

this much…” and die peacefully; while
the bloody stumps of my once wings twitch

slightly as we go off in a boat, Where Love
is captain and I am crew. She now has a shiny

hook for a hand and gestured me over
she asks, “How do you love me?”

with perfect concentration ,
I unscrew her hook and tie the string

of night to it and
swing it up, catching

the open mouthed moon
and with a quick tug.
bring it down for her.

We lay down on the water together,
watch the boat go down, smaller and

smaller it gets
and Love and I float for a lifetime

or two, watching satellites wink
at us as they fly by. I ask her, “Love

how much do you love me?”
“So much. that’s all I say ” she says,
“Sooooooo much!” she says.

“But how, how do you love me?” She smiles
and reaches for the light switch
on the other side

of the sun and CLICK.
She curls up next to me
in the darkest of dark
in the lightless of black,

she spoons me so close with
her good hand on
my heart,

“this much and
and whispers,
this is how.”


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