Monday Morning Poem

for Linnea
The morning is cold and there is a thin ribbon
     of sunrise reaching west, stretching across
                                                    the Oquirrh mountains
and it reminds me of the loose ribbon
       from your silk robe, loose
                         from our love making and now lying across
your left breast.  
I lift my collar to a cold wind. 
                 Laid out on the valley
                                            floor are a flock of shivering
No…….not diamonds -but
            lazy stars,  resting , waiting for us
                                    to leave the warmth of our bed
and to just notice them
            and then they scatter; running after the moon
going home – running & giggling,
                                giving us a gift before
                                                  Father Sun chases them  away from our morning,
                                and our soon to be apart.


Salt Lake City, UT October 7th 2013

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