When we make love

for Linnea

Everything stops
takes notice

the walls
around us

open their
eyes, watch

us with gentle
glances that

the room

in the light
of lost loves

that only
they remember

the floor

sits up
the cat

tumbling to
the other side

of the room.
The trees

outside our
window lean

in to watch,
their branches

laying green
gifts on

the window
ledge. Even

the clock
on the wall

has stopped

while two
mice watch

from their

The windows
that were just

looking out,
turn in.

the panes
warp to get

a better
view – bend

sunlight into
swirling smiles

on the ceiling
that now too

has bent
down right

over our
bed – the


on her
tip toes

unable to

her hat.


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