She is a Gazelle
Arabica[2], graceful,

taught and furtive –
leaping from edge

to edge of the blue
fata morgana


A dancing chimera[3]

leaping from shadow
to shadow along

the penumbra


of a desperate thirst.

The silvered scales


of the siren song

swell her crystalline


tongue. Sharp words cut her

mouth , mirrored tongue


cracks into a thirteen[4]

pieces at my feet


like the fateful mirror

                  of Perseus’ shield.


[1] Pieta is slang for Crystal Meth.

[2] An elusive gazelle that was apparently hunted to extinction

[3] Gazella arabica was based on a chimera and never existed as a distinct species in nature

[4] The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death. It symbolizes the death to the matter .


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