for Svetka
“The torment of  cautiousness  often exceeds the dangers to be avoided.
It is sometimes better to abandon one’s self to destiny.”
                                                                         — Napolean Bonapart

“Для любой путь, который вы выбрали, есть другой,

отказываться от.”

                                                                          — Anna Borisnova Bakunin


Together we unhook the stars from the sky

and throw them at each other, laughing,


chasing each other across the heavens.

We make up the rules as we go


like the gods before us –abandoning

every thing, till we are bare.


We count  down to zero

and begin from nothing


to make the life before

the dream and the dream the life —


From here we share each

others portion of infinity


and rename the days;

You, I, We, Them,— No! no,


we rename them, Eyes, Lips,

Check, Hands, Heart, Soul, Live.


And our counting has already

passed a thousand days


and our counting has

passed a thousand joyful kisses,


and our counting has

passed a thousand sleepless


nights — while all those who counted

on us are left behind.


And together in our abandon

we watch the innumerable falling


stars and listen to the blood

course beneath each others skin


stirring with so much necessity.


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