Lovecrow and Crow

Lovecrow lifts his
head and shakes out

the straw from a night
of dreaming burnt cornfields

and Crow. His arms wide
open like Jesus

and Crow returns with
the morning  and lands;

on his shoulders
singing Crow.

Lovecrow’s shoulders —
broad as broom stick

where Crow dances
back and forth singing.

What a sight!
Lovecrow and Crow.

Lovecrow says to Crow,
How about we trade

places, my Love?

And Crow laughs
Like crows do at those

in difficult predicaments.
She takes to the air.

and flies across the sun.
And Lovecrow unable

to cover his eyes
watches Crow leave again,

and when he closes his eyes,
sun and Crow remain.



Lovecrow and Crow, what a sight.



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