Be Still Love

Even though

the birds
are anxious, and
the trees are restless.

“What faint music is in the air?”

I am

the fields too
are calm;
the rain has left

green meaning-
-ful kisses

(But what are the birds concerns? )
(The trees?)
It is true

I know so little.

Walk with me along
the shore- read
with me
the repeated

left by broken shells.

Can you see
the ship’s white sails trailing the edge
of a violet ( or is it a violent?)
horizon, like the train
of a dress?

(Is there a wedding today? ) (Who are the guests?)


though i cannot

tell you
what the pealing
bell reveals or

the shaking dry
of a saltwater
wet mane.

i can

not tell you
what you already know


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