Our Gestures: Revisited

Audio for the Poem

Our gestures speak
unspeakable things

with even the slightest
of movements they speak
of love,
of death,
of fate’s sudden turns.

Our otherness translated briefly,
like the last flash of a dying
star. A gesture; word made
flesh, a hand between legs,

a cheek on heart, lips on
neck, that speak without
words, inmuted tones, telling
stories that mouths could

never utter. Or breath and
tongues stopping time, exorcising
ghosts, a tearing down and building
up again, like the rough hungered

touch received that makes al
other attempts at song futile,
our burning lives held in one
gesture, translating desire, or
longing, or a long dreamt dream,

into a flaming bird – by an
unexpected kiss, or yellow flowers

left on a windshield.



  1. Oh my God!….Beautiful words, staggeringly divine reading, I nearly blush from the imagery. I can’t say if I’ve ever heard you read better Mr. Leibow 😉 Bravo.

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