“Sexual passion takes a courageous giving of the self into a desired union with an ideal other in the face of unavoidable dangers…” adapted from Otto Kernberg


I once lived in an apartment
so small, I couldn’t find myself.

I now live in a house so large
It’s hard to find you.

What is the right size of a space?


I long for you to be closer
please do not get too close,

but take two steps backward
as I take one step forward

take one step forward
as I lean forward to you
from yesterday.


I am afraid when
you touch me
I might explode
into a flame
of crying birds.
I am afraid if you don’t –
I might quietly disappear.


Walk the shore my love
finding all the flat stones
like when you were small
and every day sang forward.

Write on each one; your heart
and skip them across the water
singing each splash like laughter
so I can know that the kisses
you give, come to me only




  1. I love when a poem can bring me somewhere. As a child I loved to walk the california beaches and collect rocks and shells. I still do. I provides a peaceful time to reflect on life and love. Thanks for the memories.

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