The moon puts yesterday behind

The moon puts yesterday behind as she
sleeps. My ration of hours used is beautiful.
Everything is all right, especially those intoxicated
By infidelity. and those who would put the moon
In a purse like an amulet that conjures the past
The moment, the encounter of the soul with
The taught skin of a lovers response and
For the medics and clinics and priests who
Debate the dark posture of some children
And what it is that they dream? Of a sing-
ularity of ghosts? Of a counterfeit
moon leading sailors off the edge of
a flat earth? Or simple dreams pondering
a day on earth simply without debate
Like a mirror or incredibly unblinking
Blue eyes reflecting Heaven? No; reflect-
ing clouds. Where one sees the body of a
lover, the other her brother
finally come home from so far away.


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