the city is reflected a million times by all the mirrors of all the faces,

This city reflected a million times by all the mirrors of all the faces,

reflections of reflections or reflections, refractions, lakes of faces, Medusa

caught off guard, dancing her revenge for beauty.

faces that hide everything and reveal everything. That hide nothing and reveal nothing

Mirrors of every hue

Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald —Bathing everything with light like the

extinctions of gems.

But how does one know?

And you broke a mirror to ask a question, and another and another.

Bad Luck?    :   Only important Post is mis-delivered for seven years,

Seven you love will leave you for a reflection of Seven Ideas

or Seven Swans on a perfectly calm lake, Seven lions

will follow you seven miles and make you Seven Times

more uneasy than you ever have been. Seven Armies will

besiege the flat you are living and not

let your dreams out; yet in a city of mirrors, there is

such a strange and ever pervasive anonymity and

a multitude of multiplicity of misdirections, and numerous

dark lovely shawls that can obscure — for strategies

a slipping between the cracks, so that a thing that was not

supposed to happen, happens because those who are there to notice; {it being there


do not

notice and you actually get away with it. Like

love or murder.

like love or murder....


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